Project Description


QueryMachine is database independent SQL engine for queries to
non-specific source of the data, such as XML, flat files, regular relational
databases or all of above. It supports XML-Related Specifications
(SQL/XML) FCD ISO/IEC 9075-14:2005 (E).
It was designed for one specific purpose: to execute the query
for the data containing virtually in any type of the structured storage.
However, there are extensions to standard SQL-92 which adds compatibility
with the different data sources.



QueryMachine.XQuery is XQuery 1.0 implementation based on XPathNavigator API.
Key features of this XQuery implementation:
  • Standard XPathNavigator API used
  • Schema Aware XQuery
  • On-demand document parsing
  • Huge input files are not loaded into memory entirely
  • XQuery expressions are compiled directly into MSIL
  • Native support for MS Office OpenXML files
  • Hash-join FLWOR optimization and implicit parallelization of XQuery requests
  • XML mapping support (an experimental)
  • Full implements of all minimal conformance
    features due to standard W3C XML Query Language
    XQuery Test Suite results on W3C


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